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Artist Trading Cards or ATCs are small works of art
(measuring 2-1/2 x 3-1/2 inches) that are traded between artists.
You can read more about their history here.

Also see my ATC-a-Day project

I made these first five cards for the Cloth Paper Scissors ATC swap held at the International Quilt Festival in Rosemont IL in April 2006.

They are included in Patricia Bolton's book 1000 Artist Trading Cards on page 83.

(Click on an image to see a larger version.)

Got Wasabi?
Got Wasabi?
Machine applique with fabric sushi images on wasabi-green background
Dreaming of Spring in Wisconsin
Dreaming of Spring in Wisconsin
Machine applique with "silk" flowers and tulle
Northwoods Cupid
Northwoods Cupid

Machine and hand-quilted
fabric collage
Renaissance Woman
Renaissance Woman
Image transfer made with translucent liquid Sculpey
Time Gone By
Time Gone By Collage with acrylic paints and birch seeds

The ATCs below are beeswax collages. I use stiff watercolor paper as a base and color that with Dye-na-flow fabric paint before laying down images colored with Prismacolor pencils and sealing the whole design with melted beeswax smoothed with a mini-iron.

Lughnasadh By the Sea #2 By the Sea #1I'd Like to be Under the Sea These five ATCs were done for a calendar-themed swap at the Beeswax Collage Yahoo! group in which each person had a different month.
I did the month of August.

Leo the Lion

Entourage Height of Fashion ATCs made for a Royal Court swap at the Beeswax Collage Yahoo Group.
Court Magician
The Playboy Prince Waiting for a Knight in Shining Armor
(I kept this one.)

Birds are entangled by their feet & men by their tongues.
Trust Him
Trust him, but still keep your eyes open.
Pleasant Surprise
A pleasant surprise
is in store for you.
Curious Smile
You have a curious smile
and a mysterious nature.
Beeswax ATCs based on fortune cookie sayings.

Carolyn M. Brady

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