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Artwork and text copyright 2006-2007 Carolyn M. Brady
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Click here to view a memory book I made for my parents from a children's board book
Secret Lives See inside Secret Lives, an altered board book made for the exhibit "Serious Fun" at the Bayview Book Arts Gallery in Milwaukee.
Pockets, Windows and Doors Pockets, Windows, and Doors
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This altered book cover has a slider that shows "Before" and "After" images of men who want more facial hair.

I like to include little interactive features that don't translate well to two-dimensional scanned images on a computer screen, but below are some spreads from this altered book sampler.

My pages edges aren't actually that straight and neat. The book just didn't fit completely on my scanner so all the ragged edges were cropped.

East Meets West (two-page spread) East Meets West
Corners of two pages are folded under and attached to backing pages with double-stick tape and eyelets to form pockets. The images all relate to the cross-cultural influences of European and Japanese art, including European interpretations of Japanese culture and Japanese depictions of European visitors.
I Went on an AdventureATC pockets

I Went on an Adventure
(click on each page to see larger version)

A series of pages were ripped vertically and sewn together to form cascading pockets, which hold altered playing card ATCs.

Adventure ATCs

At Sea Life at Sea?

In this spread the pages were ripped horizontally and sewn to form pockets. The bottom ATC has an image transferred onto wood veneer and attached to a playing card with eyelets.

A Bird in a gilded cage

Open Window A Bird in a Gilded Cage
Two scans of the same spread show the window closed and opened. The next page shows the scene "outside" the window.
Mysterieuse The page Mysterieuse (left) has a cheesecloth "window" looking onto the next page Lost Luggage (right). Lost Luggage (Very lost luggage)
The Star The Star (left) and
Star Quality

Two spreads are linked by a diamond lattice window. The red fabric pocket holds an altered playing card ATC that can be pulled out by a ribbon. The typewriter key-style letters on the right spell "Star Quality".

Star Quality (Lily Elsie)

More than dolls in a dollhouse We want to be so much more than dolls in a doll house

On the left page, the ribboned flap lifts to reveal a second image of a girl and her doll.

Girl with doll
We Must! We Must! We Must! We Must! (left)
Three Sisters (right)

The two round windows have clear plastic "panes" in them, connecting this spread with the images on the previous pages. The ribbon on the right pulls up another image of three sisters.

Three Sisters

Back cover

Back cover has a rubber-stamped architectural image that opens to reveal another image. Back cover open  

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