Secret Lives - front cover

Secret Lives - an altered children's board book

Made March 2007 for
the Bay View Book Arts Gallery exhibit
Serious Fun"

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The mass of men lead lives of quiet desperation. The right-hand page has a spinner to change the woman's face.

She led a life full of

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She was an avid gardener. She was an avid gardener.

The spinner changes the plants in the pot.

The right side flap opens to reveal
the topiary behind the shrubbery.

Menage a quatre He was a good family man.

The right-hand page is hinged on the right side and opens to reveal eleven children.

She did not talk about her past. She did not talk about her past.

The copper tab pulls down to reveal her secret.

They both understood each other very well. They both understood each other very well.

The ribbon pulls up a slider.

Back cover The End

The original board book was about some character from Barney counting to ten. I sanded and gessoed the pages and painted them with acrylic paint. The collaged images are photocopies of 19th-century photographs from my collection, colored with Permapaque markers and acrylic paint.


Carolyn M. Brady

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