Photo #A31_1
about 1939? - probably 6th, 7th and 8th grades

Left to right
Front row: Tamio Sumoge, Saburo Akiyama, Robert Takagi (7th grade?), Ilen Iwakiri, Hiro Kawachi

Second row: Sunaye "Sunny" Akiyama, Dorothy Hasegawa, Allen Horn, twin girls - the Horn twins?, Albert Horn, Nancy Hoerlein, Keith Yeigus? (spelling?)

Third row: Susan Parkhurst (8th?), Norman Hukari, unknown girl, unknown boy, unknown girl, Ross Hukari, Fumio Sumoge, Miss Annala (teacher)

Back row: Shigeo? Yamaki, unknown boy, ? Sherrill, unknown boy, Jim? Cody, Raymond Horn

As of 1 July 2002, most of this information comes from Robert Takagi.
December 2002, Susan (Horn) Chamberlain, identified her uncle Allen Horn in the second row.


photo # date / teacher photo # date / teacher
A25_3 1925 A29_4 about 1932? / Miss LaGore?
A27_1 about 1926? A31_5 1933-34? / Miss LaGore
A26_1 about 1927? A30_4 mid 1930s / Miss Annala
A26_5 late 1920s? A30_1 about 1938? / Miss Annala
A28_2 late 1920s? / Miss Carlos A31_1 about 1939? / Miss Annala
A29_1 about 1928? / Mrs. Campbell   more to come!
A28_4 1932-33? / Miss Annala   Oak Grove School photos intro

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