Oak Grove School
Hood River, Oregon

Class photos from the 1920s and 1930s

photo #A25_3
- "1925 - Harry's first grade - 6 years old"
(click on photo to see larger image with identifications)

These photos were saved by my grandparents. The letter and number codes for each photo are a cataloging system I'm using to keep track of the different photos since I'm dealing with several hundred of them. (They refer to location on the original album pages.) If you have any additions or corrections, please let me know. I'm working on this as time permits so please be patient if I don't update things very often.

I hope eventually to scan in the numbered outline charts for each photo since these may be a little easier to use in identifying individuals than my current list of names in rows. I'm not sure when that's going to happen though!

photo # date / teacher photo # date / teacher
A25_3 1925 A29_4 about 1932? / Miss LaGore?
A27_1 about 1926? A31_5 1933-34? / Miss LaGore
A26_1 about 1927? A30_4 mid 1930s / Miss Annala
A26_5 late 1920s? A30_1 about 1938? / Miss Annala
A28_2 late 1920s? / Miss Carlos A31_1 about 1939? / Miss Annala
A29_1 about 1928? / Mrs. Campbell   more to come
A28_4 1932-33? / Miss Annala    

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