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Maude May Swan
b. 30 Sept 1879
Essex Co., NY
d. 8 Feb. 1966
Chippewa Falls, WI
George William Popple
b. 28 April 1866
d. 21 June 1951
both dates Chippewa Falls, WI
Her mother:
Anna L McGill
b. 1851 New York
d. 1926 Chippewa Co, WI
Her father:
Albert James Swan
b. 1844 Essex Co., NY
d. 1914 Chippewa Co., WI
His mother:
Margaret Barbara McCann
b. 1844 Prairie du Chien WI
d. 1931 Chippewa Co. WI
His father:
William Lyman Popple
b. 1832 New York
d. 1890 Chippewa Co. WI
Is Maude's father the "James Albert Swan"
listed at Jeromey Ward's
World Connect Site?

Info on Maude's parents at Debra McCann's
World Connect site

Her mother:
Margaretta LaPointe
-see below for Native American connections -

Her father:
Daniel McCann
"Old Abe" fame.

Find more of this line at Debra McCann's great sites:

World Connect
My Elusive Ancestors chart
McCann Family website

Dan & Margaret's obits
(scroll down)

Researchers who have been working on this line longer than I have are still trying to confirm the identity of William Popple's parents!

Most of the names and life dates here come from Debra McCann's extensive pages, and the rest come from the World Connect sites linked here. But one of these days we're going to road trip to Chippewa County.....

According to "Charles Joseph Bottineau [Sr.], Techomehgood, and Their Descendants, with partial genealogies of the Boutin, Campbell, Desjarlais, LaPointe, Martell, McCann, McGillis, Nelson, Popple, and Raiche families" by James W. Chesebro (1990), Margaretta LaPointe's mother Mary/Emily Bottineau was the daughter of Charles Joseph Bottineau, most likely a French fur trader, and Techomehgood, a "Chippewa woman from the Hair Hills." Techomehgood's people, the Assiniboine, lived in a what is now (roughly) lower Manitoba and northeastern North Dakota. Someone transcribed a portion of Chesebro's research at this site.

Margaretta LaPointe's father, Suplice LaPointe dit Desautels was born in Quebec in 1795 to Charles Desautels dit LaPointe and Marie Louise Dupille and served in the US Army during the War of 1812. He also worked for the Hudson Bay Company. Chesebro's report has much more about these families, and many of their life dates are listed at Debra McCann's sites above.

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