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Do you recognize this house?
Amelia (Leicht) Grupe's daughter found this among her family photos
but does not know where it was taken or who the people pictured are.
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Amelia Leicht
12 Jan1879
(1878 per family & obit)
m. 2 Dec 1904 to Fred Grupe
3 May1956 SheboyganI
Siblings: Emma (1880-?); Bertha (1882 - bef. 1900?); Henry (1883-?); Frances (1886-1964); Katherine (1888-1969); Charles (1890-?); Meta (1892-?); William (1895-?); Albert (1899-1976); Carrie (1901-?)
Their mother:
Lucetta Wolfgang
(also Lisette/ Lizzie /Sudah/Sadah?)
b. 19 July 1855
d. 12 Feb 1928
Their father:
Jacob Leicht
b. 30 Sept. 1855
d. 15 Nov 1941
Her mother
b. Norway
Her father:
Jacob Wolfgang
b. Germany
His mother:
Bertha [Trincks?/Drinks?/Deink?]
b. 1825 Germany
d. 1891 Sheboygan
His father:
John Leicht
b. Jan 1819/20?
d. 1908 Sheboygan

Most birthdates are from the 1900 federal census unless noted below.

Sheboygan Co. marriages, Vol 2 p. 353 (microfilm reel #1275568, 1875-1881)
Name of husband: Jacob Leicht
Name of wife previous to marriage: Lisette Wolfgang
Occupation of husband: Farmer
Residence of husband: Town Sheboygan
Birthplace of husband: City Sheboygan Wis
Place where marriage was contracted: Office of C Risler
Date when marriage was contracted: 1 April 1878
By what ceremony contracted: "By swearing the parties & joining hands" [as best I can decipher]
Name of person pronouncing marriage: Chas. Risler
Reisidence of person last named: Town Sheboygan
Names of subscribing witnesses:
Julius Kraas [Krass?] and Henry Toepel
Date of certificate of marriage: 1 April 1878
Name of father of husband: John Leicht
Name of mother of husband: Bertha "
Name of father of wife: Jacob Wolfgang
Name of mother of wife: Martha "

I found two birth registrations for Amelia Leicht saying she was born in 1879, one filed by the minister and one apparently by the doctor. Family information and Amelia's obituary both give her birth year as 1878 (before her parents were married), but I would tend to lean toward the documents created closer to the time.

Wisconsin Registration of Births, FHL # 1305589, Sheboygan Co (1873-1880), Vol 4, #1317
Catharine Emilie Francisca born 12 January 1879 to Jacob Leicht, cigar maker, and Susetta Wolfgang, Sheboygan city. (Date of certificate 24 March 1879; date of registration 3 April 1879. Signed by J.H. Keitel, minister.)

Wisconsin Registration of Births, FHL # 1305590, Sheboygan Co (1880-1887), #00528
Emelia Leicht born 12 January 1879 to Jacob Leicht, farmer, and Sudah (?) Wolfgang, Town of Sheboygan. (Date of certificate 5 June 1880; date of registration 6 March 1881. Signed by H?W Kalk.)

1880 census, Sheboygan Co., WI, Town of Sheboygan, ED 213, sheet 7, line 47 - sheet 8, line 5:
Jacob Leicht, farmer (24), listed with wife Sadah (24) and son Willie (2). (I suspect that Willie is really Amelia misidentified by the census taker. On the two birth registrations listed above, there was no entry in the section "name of other issue living," though that was not always filled in. Of course, it would not be unheard of to have two sons named Willie, if one died before the next. The 1900 census below indicates that Lucetta lost one child but I'm pretty sure that was Bertha.) Both Jacob and Sadah's parents were listed as born in Saxony
Listed next is John Leicht (60), farmer, with wife Bertha (55), and children Katie (21), Christ (18), Frederick (16), Henry (11). John and Bertha were born in Saxony.

Wisconsin Registration of Births, FHL # 1305590, Sheboygan Co (1880-1887), Vol 5.
Emma Leicht, born 9 August 1880 to Jacob Leicht, farmer, and Lisetta Wolfgang, Town of Sheboygan.

Bertha Leicht born 8 May 1882 to Jacob Leicht, farmer, and Lisette Wolfgang, Town of Sheboygan. Name of other issue living: Emma and Emilie.

Wisconsin Registration of Births, FHL # 1305591, Sheboygan Co (1888-1893), #557
Meta Leicht born 21 July 1892 to Jakob Leicht, farmer, and Nettie Haun, Town of Sheboygan. So is the mother's name correct?! (Certificate was signed by Sheboygan midwife Rosalie Noll.)

Wisconsin Registration of Births, FHL # 1305592, Sheboygan Co (1894-1898), Vol 8? #910
Willy Leicht born 12 January 1895 to Jacob Leicht, farmer, and Lizzie Wolfgang, Town of Sheboygan. (Date of certificate 12 January 1895, date of registration 23 March 1895.)

Wisconsin Registration of Births, FHL # 1305593, Sheboygan Co (1899-1904), Vol 10
Albert Frederick Leicht born 24 July 1899 to Jacob Leicht, farmer, and Lisette Wolfgang, Town of Sheboygan. (Baby's name was originally entered as "Martin" and father's name spelled "Jakob" but was corrected in 1942.)

Caroline Leicht born 15 Nov 1901 to Jacob Leicht, farmer, and Lisette Wolfgang, Town of Sheboygan.

1900 census, Sheboygan Co., Wisconsin, E.D. 80, sheet 8, lines 43-54:
Jack Leight (44), farmer, listed with wife Luzetta (44) who had given birth to 10 children, 9 still living. Jack's parents both born in Germany, but Luzetta's father was born in Germany and mother in Norway. Children: Emelia (21), Emma (20), Henry (16), Francis [sic-daughter] (14), Katie (12), Charles (9), Meta? ( age 6 crossed out, replaced by 2?), Willie (5), Albert (10 months) - all born in Wisconsin
Listed next but as a separate household:
John Leight (81), widower, no occupation given, born in Germany, immigrated 1860 [but if he's Jacob's father, than he would have had to come Wisconsin earlier than that.]

1920 census, Sheboygan City, Sheboygan Co., E.D. 146, sheet 8, lines 70-75:
Jacob Leicht (64), farmer, listed with wife Lusette (64), and children Francis [sic] (33), Katie (31), Abbert [sic](20) and Carrie (18). Jacob's parents born in Germany; Lusette's father and mother born in Germany and Norway, respectively.
Also living by them are Charles Leicht (29) and his wife Hilda (27)

Family members recall Amelia's daughter's husband kidding her about her Norwegian ancestry.

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